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Our interdisciplinary team includes a Registed and Licensed Dietitian in the State of Florida. She can help answer your questions about VEMMA products. We discovered VEMMA at the Florida Dietetic Association (FDA) Annual Syposium in 2009 and believe that this is the best product available for nutritional supplementation on the market today. Please watch the video above and decide for yourself!


New Products containing Mangosteen

VEMMA must be on to something! Mangosteen is now contained in some commercially available products such as Snapple Peach Mangosteen and Lipton's Green Tea bags with Mangosteen and Peach.



GREAT TESTIMONIAL! Joy's allergies all but disappeared since she started taking Vemma almost three months ago. She no longer takes Singulair or D-Hist (a herbal antihistamine). Allegies were a real problem at work too because of dust and perfumes/colognes. Thank you Vemma!


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After you check out the videos for Vemma, Verve, and Vemma Next, check out my Twitter link at right to see more interesting info on Vemma.


How to get your own Vemma Website

Did you know that when you become a member of Vemma, you get your own website for free? How cool is that!


Vemma Next Co-Creator

Check out this new video of Vemma CEO BK Boreyko with the Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic who had some input on creating Vemma Next: http://bkboreyko.vemma.com/ .


Vemma Works!

We discovered Vemma at the Florida Dietetic Association annual syposium in July 2009. The featured speaker mentioned taking Vemma, a 2oz. liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement, instead of vitamin pills which aren't very absorbable. No health claims here, but my personal testimony is that Vemma has given me more energy, better sleep, and improved regularity. It's only been a little over a month, but I'm extremely encouraged and can't wait to see a change from my baseline lab results. My Wife is a dietitian and is taking Vemma too.


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